Oxyliser Test

With the Oxilyser 2 every one can measure the surface quality of stainless steel alloys in a reliable & accurate way. The measuring principle is based upon rest potential measurement of the stainless steel surface in a specially developed electrolyte. Minor surface activity, i.e. solutions of only atoms of metal, will be indicated directly. After several years of scientific research, supported by European commission, the Oxilyser was successfully introduced to the world market.
The most applications of the oxilyser2 are:

  1. Check of surface quality before, during & after the pickling & passivation treatment.
  2. Check of the surface quality after contact of the surface with a corrosive fluid, succeeded by rinsing of the surface. During the rinsing the surface will repassivate with in 1-24hrs. This process can be checked with the oxilyser.
  3. Check of the passivity of storage tanks after cleaning & prior to loading them with corrosive fluids such as orange juice or chemicals.